At TOFC we believe every female footballer should have the chance to reach their dreams, which is why we offer a safe and holistic learning environment, based on the principles of the FA and FFA development pathways.

TOFC programs are age and ability dependent, and focus on skill, acquisition and technical development for players aged 8-12, alongside tactical and position specific game understanding for players 13-16.  Programs are specifically designed for the individuals or groups they are being delivered to with an aim to enhance existing strengths, and work on areas of development for the players involved. All TOFC programs have a strong emphasis on holistic development of players, and looks to incorporate education with all aspects of the performance programme to help them achieve their potential.

“From playing collegiate football in the U.S. to now, I’ve never played under a more driven and passionate coach than Tanya. Setting herself apart from other coaches, Tanya invests in her players on and off the field by encouraging them to live up to their potential as both players and people. Under her leadership, you’ll become more knowledgeable, skilled and psychologically in tune on the pitch.”

(Katy Lippet – US Scholar, University of Nottingham)

“Being a part of the University of Nottingham Women’s Football program under Tanya has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Her training sessions are well thought out and educational, providing high level insights to the game that even the most experienced player could benefit from. The passion and dedication she gives us day in and day out has made me want to be the best player I can be.”

(Erin Owen – US Scholar, University of Nottingham)